Hello, brandon here.

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Hello, brandon here. Empty Hello, brandon here.

Post by I_Missed_You on Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:00 am

Hello there, my name is Brandon, in-game name is ''I Missed You'' (because of reasons...)

I am 16 years old, will turn 17 this october 14th,

I love to draw, i am currently studying art and i hope to be a professional artist.
i am trying to learn the basics of digital painting so i can start making some concept art that would be of use to some.
If luck is on my side, one of my sticker designs will also be selling across the UK and hopefully across the world aswell!
i have played on this server for more than 5 years now
ive been a donator, moderator, assistance, admin, yet i felt like a normal player wanting to get the server populated and play with others.
and i want to continue like that,

ive made quite alot of Forums, logos and videos for chronicscape over the past few years

anyways, im glad to be back, yet a bit mad since dale just left me a while ago and never said anything Razz Sad

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