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Post by Rekoj on Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:33 pm

(will be edited as i find more,
and will check off if needed as well Smile )

  • ----------------------
  • Staffs dont count as runes (example fire staff dosent count for fire runes)
  • using herb on vial of water dosn't work, but vial of water on herb does
  • "you are not the owner of this cannon" in dominon tower (not sure if its a glitch but it will reapear in your inv upon logout)
  • brute in dominion tower has 1hp
  • no rewards dominion rewards as stated by the game (such as crossbow, gloves, etc)
  • the achievment and rewards menu at dominion tower, the rewards options are locked, but when clicked it changes your cosmetic override
  • ----------------------
  • cannon shoots through walls at slayer tower, as well as shooting through floors, upper floors and lower floors.
  • going to and upper or lower floor while your cannon is out will make it disappear, but keep shooting until it runs out of ammo (log out and it will reappear in inv)
  • Can't create spirit grahk pouch with the correct items, and level, says you do not have the required items.
  • Duradel has Kuradel's chat head
  • only Kuradel can open the rewards shop
  • when entering Kuradel's cave, then leaving, it takes you to a differen't location / Kuradel isnt spawned

Bugs and Suggestions - Rekoj Screen10


  • Gorgonite, Promethium, and Primal rapiers are missing from the dungeoneering shop inside the skill zone.
  • able to skip melzars maze -pm for more info
  • Able to smuggle silverlight out of dominion tower -pm for more info


  • If you die at fight caves you lose items
  • if you die at fight caves you cant teleport, or log out
  • using the stairs at daemonheim will bring you up a height level floating, and will make you unable to teleport... (waiting for assistance as i type this)
  • dieing at daemonheim will make you 

List of Bugs Others Have Found

  • Pokererere1 - When you die at dominion tower, you lose gear, and are unable to obtain it back.


  • add teleport to fremmy slayer dungeon
  • would it be possible to add a home button to the "Chronicscape" menu where it shows the staff list, etc
  • add a shop at home for runes, and food.


  • Randomly MY (idk about others) characters will randomly ask "whats is your level in Agility". idk if its a bug, but its something Razz for all i know i could be doing it myself on accident.


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